Considering Abortion?

STD Concerns?


We Care About You

We offer free and confidential pregnancy and low-cost STD testing.


Am I Pregnant?

Ultrasounds determine viability of pregnancy and how far along you are.


What are my options?

Appointments are free. 
You have time to think through your options. We’re here to help.


Do I have an STD?

Many STDs have no symptoms. Early detection and treatment is critical. Our STD consultation is both free and confidential.

Get Involved

Journey House depends on the time and resources of many people.
We would love for you to get involved.


Journey House volunteers provide practical and emotional support for women and men facing unexpected detours. Volunteers also provide administrative support for Journey House.


The work of Journey House depends on the generosity of individuals, foundations, and faith communities. Learn more about how you can financially partner with us or donate today!