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Post abortion stress syndrome

Understanding Post-Abortion Stress Syndrome: Unveiling the Struggle

Every woman’s experience with abortion is unique, but terminating a pregnancy can be an incredibly painful and isolating experience.  Although many women experience a sense of relief following their abortion(s), there are others who silently battle with long-lasting effects, like depression, anxiety, or trauma-related symptoms.  These effects can persist for weeks, months, or even years.

My infertility journey

Breaking the Silence: My Experience with Infertility

Even as a little girl, I knew without a doubt that I wanted two things in life: to be a teacher and a mother. Becoming a teacher ended up being the easy part. From the day we got married, I wanted to talk about a timeline for trying to get pregnant. I began making lists of names for a boy or a girl, and after few years we agreed to start trying. I knew it could take a few months; I figure two or three was reasonable. Then it was four. Five. Six. What was taking so long?

Signs of a healthy relationship

4 Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Relationships are a part of each of our lives. Whether you are in a dating or marriage relationship, both require attention and care. Relationships impact all aspects of our lives including home, work, and leisure activities as well as our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. They can add joy and fulfillment to our lives but can also be a source of stress. You may be questioning whether you should be in your current relationship or if there is anything you can do to strengthen your relationship with your partner. There are countless dimensions to every relationship, but here are four essential cornerstones to every romantic relationship.

Teen dating violence

Teen Dating Violence

A pattern of behavior used to maintain power and control over another partner in an intimate, dating relationship is referred to as dating violence. It can happen to anyone, including teenagers.  In fact, around one in twelve high school students report being in a dating relationship where physical violence was present, and one in twelve state they have been a victim of sexual dating violence. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that about one in four women experience intimate partner physical violence during their lifetime.  

pregnancy options counseling

Are Pregnancy Resource Centers Fake Clinics?

Like many clients before her, Jill walked away from the Pregnancy Center feeling relieved and pleasantly surprised at the care she had received. Her pregnancy test had been negative, and she was thankful to have a safe place to talk to someone, no strings attached. “You guys were so nice! I’m definitely going to tell my friends about this place.”

vaping while pregnant

Vaping: Safe Alternative for Smoking During Pregnancy?

Is vaping safer during pregnancy than traditional cigarettes? The truth of the matter is, no. There isn’t any evidence that conclusively shows what the actual risks are related to electronic cigarettes. But studies have shown that traditional cigarettes and nicotine are not good during pregnancy and can be detrimental to you and your baby.

Woman sitting on a bench in the dark by a light

Considering A Self-Managed Abortion? Know These Important Facts First

You may have missed a period and taken an at-home pregnancy test (or five!). You weren’t planning to get pregnant and now you’re wondering what to do. You may have heard about self-managed abortions and this option seems private, inexpensive, and convenient. But there are some things you should know before purchasing medication online.